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She stands beneath the golden, life giving sun surrounded by the fruits of the Earth. Before her, a platter flows with good things of the Earth, for the disk/shield/platter is the pentacle, magick instrument of Earth. These are only bare sketches of the magickal images that a witch might use to replace the Qabalistic images of the traditional pentagram ritual. I offer them for what they are worth. " Paul Hume, Witches' Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram"The pipe is a kind of portable altar, and when it's lighted it's notbeing smokedfor fun, typically, but as a sacred art. When it is lighted the incenseis, as it were,going to heaven. The pipe stem is lifted so that the sun smokes first,then it's addressed to the four quarters so you know where you are: the central mountainis right here, which is everywhere. And the celebrant smokes and then thepipe is passed around. This orientation of the quarters, I quess you could say,is thebasic high cultural myth form: the centre, the quarters. An then whereveryou go:Find the center. That establishes the sacred point, where the high pointis, andthey you have the four quarters.

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4 per cent. Changing economic conditions at home and abroad will result in an increase in the number of Australian mortgage delinquencies in the coming year, according to credit rating firm Moodys. The latest monthly review of the performance of Australian prime residential mortgages by ratings firm Moodys shows delinquencies in excess of 30 days rose to 1. 20% in November 2015 from 1. 14% in October 2015. Moodys puts that monthly increase down to seasonal factors such as household overspending in the run up to Christmas, but still believes 2016 will see a higher number of delinquencies than 2015. The housing market has shown signs of cooling over recent months, Moodys assistant vice president analyst Alana Chen said. Strong housing market activity in both Sydney and Melbourne helped foster relatively strong economic performance in the respective states of New South Wales and Victoria in 2015. But a slower pace of house price growth will mean a slowdown in economic activity and will contribute to a deterioration in mortgage performance in 2016 from current exceptionally healthy levels. Moodys predicts the slower growth of house prices will continue as the Australian economy faces some challenges through 2016. Slowing growth in China, Australias biggest export market, and declining commodity prices, which are at or near multi year lows, will also put pressure on the Australian economy and contribute to below trend growth and a soft labour market in 2016, Chen said.

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9:30 p. m. ; Friday Saturday, 11:30 a. m. 3 a. m. , culminating the days event with a short, outdoor rally there. our HOA is designed to aid and also take care of the motivations of its neighborhood. Nevertheless, several HOAs are ill equipped to cope with the demands of a community which gets numerous solutions, has intricate property laws, and contains programs pertaining to continuing development. When this is the case, an HOA should look at working with a community supervision company to manage the logistical facets of the communitys maintenance and development. Firms that carry out HOA management present different types of services.

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