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The authors further argue that autism is an extreme male pattern. You can find references, and micro reviews for both these books in our list of books on the psychology of fiction. We regard identification with a character as the literary application of empathy, and we think that it is one of the most important of the psychological processes that are at work during our engagement with fiction. Empathy. On November 13, 2009, I attendedThe Wonderplay Conference: Early Childhood Learning at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

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October 26 29, 2011. Richmond, VA. 135. Q. X. Sang, P.

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Payment by the claimant shall be credited to its share of the advance on costs fixed by the Court. 3In general, the arbitral tribunal shall, in accordance with Article 376 of the Rules, proceed only with respect to those claims or counterclaims in regard to which the whole of the advance on costs has been paid. 4The advance on costs fixed by the Court according to Articles 372 or 374 of the Rules comprises the fees of the arbitrator or arbitrators hereinafter referred to as arbitrator, any arbitration related expenses of the arbitrator and the ICC administrative expenses. 5Each party shall pay its share of the total advance on costs in cash. However, if a partys share of the advance on costs is greater than US$ 500,000 the Threshold Amount, such party may post a bank guarantee for any amount above the Threshold Amount. The Court may modify the Threshold Amount at any time at its discretion. 6The Court may authorize the payment of advances on costs, or any partysshare thereof, in instalments, subject to such conditions as the Court thinks fit,including the payment of additional ICC administrative expenses. 7A party that has already paid in full its share of the advance on costs fixed by the Court may, in accordance with Article 375 of the Rules, pay the unpaid portion of the advance owed by the defaulting party by posting a bank guarantee. 8When the Court has fixed separate advances on costs pursuant to Article 373 of the Rules, the Secretariat shall invite each party to pay the amount of the advance corresponding to its respective claims. 9When, as a result of the fixing of separate advances on costs, the separate advance fixed for the claim of either party exceeds one half of such global advance as was previously fixed in respect of the same claims and counterclaims that are the subject of separate advances, a bank guarantee may be posted to cover any such excess amount. In the event that the amount of the separate advance is subsequently increased, at least one half of the increase shall be paid in cash.

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As Noe Cornejo placed it over his head, he drew laughter from his classmates, saying, It's hard to be manly like, but I'm looking good. I'm feeling good. Bovenkerk had students recite lines they felt were key to a scene they had read aloud the day before. The scene centered on a soothsayer warning Caesar to beware of the Ides of March, the day on which the Roman dictator would be stabbed to death. For example, "Bid every noise be still; peace yet again," was the line chosen by Melody Brewster, who played Casca; and the class determined that in today's jargon that meant "shut up. ""First of all, it's just fun, and Shakespeare can be very intimidating to students just because of the language," Koski said. "The costumes are something we can do that draws them in and helps them make a connection to the story and how Shakespeare really does still ring true in the 21st century. ""It allows them to step out of being a high schooler a little bit and step into the role a little more. Some inhibitions can go away when you are already being silly by putting that costume on," Bovenkerk added. "Just like our soothsayer today doing that voice. That's going to make that line more memorable as opposed to me just reading it.

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Mcgowan and DAngelo S. Talbot, all of Independence, to the spring semester deans honor roll. To qualify for the deans honor roll, students must have a grade point average of 3. 5 or higher. Jodi Bon Vogler of Blue Springs and Lance Elliott of Independence both graduated from Emporia State University this spring. Both earned master of library science degrees. Gabrielle Atchity of Lees Summit was named to the University of Alabama presidents list for the spring semester in recognition of her 4. 0 grade point average. Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, recently awarded academic scholarships to students for the 2020 21 school year. These scholarships were awarded in consideration of the students ACT scores, grade point averages, standing in their high school classes, and their leadership in community and school. Blue Springs: Hosy Dawn Butler, Bradley D Byler, Abigail Noel Carino, Jack Robert Hansen, Garrett David Mahurin, Tate Alexandra McCrary, Ava Reece Merriott, Madelyn Kay Padget, Zachary Aaron Raines, Kennedy Christine Smith, Megan Lee Tiller, Cooper L Willich.

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