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Marketing Science, 345, 669 688. Chen, Y. , Narasimhan, C. , and Zhang, Z. J. 2001.

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For impeachment purposes, Trump should get a mulligan on misconduct that took place while he was a candidate. That means not including wrongdoing associated with Russias intervention in the 2016 electionmost of which does not overtly implicate Trumps personal conduct anyway. It also means ignoring for impeachment purposes Trumps likely criminality with respect to the Daniels and McDougal payments. While this activity spilled over into his presidency, it is predominantly pre presidential. Theres another reason to leave this particular material out, independent of its merits as a potentially impeachable offense: During the Clinton impeachment, Democrats presented themselves as taking the principled view that a president shouldnt be removed for modest criminality to cover up indiscretion. Unless they want the impeachment debate to focus on their flip flop, they would do well not to flip flop on that. Additionally, while reports that Trump has suggested he would pardon officials in order to induce lawbreaking certainly strike at the heart of impeachable conduct, the current record is insufficiently strong. Because press reports remain unconfirmed, and because the comments are open to interpretations that the president was speaking in jest, Congress should, for now, not include this conduct. Finally, articles of impeachment should not include alleged violations of the Emoluments Clause in connection with the operation of the Trump Organizations many commercial properties. This activity, while gross and while definitely implicating Trumps behavior as president, is of genuinely contested constitutional status. Whats more, Trump has done it out in the open, and Congress has remedies well short of impeachment that it hasnt bothered to exercise to address it.

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