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In India, the direct loss to FMCG industry is also not less than ' 200 million. A survey was conducted to estimate the size of counterfeit of FMCG products and it revealed the stark reality of FMCG companies having maximum loss up to 40% and an average loss around 20% of their market share of their well known products. The biggest concern is, however, the customers attraction towards these pirate products is directly proportional to price of these products which are sold at 40 to 45% lesser value than the original. A common man with limited knowledge falls for the counterfeit products due to its cheap or discounted prices. Enforcement of laws against counterfeiting is not so strict in India which is another big jolt for the brand industry. As counterfeiting has become an economic problem of international importance and has been growing dramatically across the globe, manufacturers of the original products and government find themselves in a constant battle against counterfeiters. This has led to a variety of countermeasures based on lawful, political, administrative, or business techniques. The framework also considers the interplay of attitudes,Cartier for men, purchase intentions, and dissonance that leads to coping processes and in turn influences attitudes and decisions. Counterfeiting appears in two different forms, as deceptive and non deceptive counterfeiting. Under receptive counterfeiting, the consumer is not aware of the fact that he/she purchases a copy rather than the original product and cannot be held accountable for the behavior. Focus is on non deceptive counterfeiting, where consumers intentionally purchase fake products.

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com/quote/18235. Digital technology and the e environment continue to change the way small and large businesses operate. Digital technologyThe broad spectrum of computer hardware, software, information retrieval and manipulation systems, and communication systems. refers to a broad spectrum of computer hardware, software, and information retrieval and manipulation systems. The e environmentA catchall term that includes e business and e commerce. is a catchall term that includes e business and e commerce. The Internet in particular has had a powerful impact on the demands of customers, suppliers, and vendors, each of whom is readyperhaps even expectsto do business 24/7. With the advent of the personal computer and the Internet, small firms may be able to compete on a more equal footing with larger firms through their intelligent use of digital technologies. It would be impossible to list all the types of software that can enhance small business operations, so the focus will be on the major types of aids. Today, even the smallest of firms can acquire a complete accounting system at a reasonable price. These packages can be tailored for specific industries and are designed to grow with the company.

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Such poetry may be considered oratory also, since it has so great a power of persuasion; and the alliance between these two gifts had existed from the time that the verses of Orpheus had, according to the fable, made woods and streams and wild animals to follow him about. Soon, however, Oratory became the subject of a separate art, which was called Rhetoric, and of which the Sophists were the chief masters. Moreover, as Rhetoric was especially political in its nature, it presupposed or introduced the cultivation of History; and thus the pages of Thucydides became one of the special studies by which Demosthenes rose to be the first orator of Greece. But it is needless to trace out further the formation of the course of liberal education; it is sufficient to have given some specimens in illustration of it. The studies, which it was found to involve, were four principal ones, Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, and Mathematics; and the science of Mathematics, again, was divided into four, Geometry, Arithmetic, Astronomy, and Music; making in all seven, which are known by the name of the Seven Liberal Arts. And thus a definite school of intellect was formed, founded on ideas and methods of a distinctive character, and as we may say of the highest and truest character, as far as they went, and which gradually associated in one, and assimilated, and took possession of, that multitude of nations which I have considered to represent mankind, and to possess the orbis terrarum.

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During one of many phone conversations with the ride hailing service, she gave recommendations on how to better work with people with disabilities. Her advice included add disabled consultants to Uber's staff, be more transparent about its policies on enforcing the ADA and make drivers go through an online training course that includes a test at the end. Uber has also heard from one of the original co authors of the ADA, former US Rep. Tony Coelho D. , Calif. Coelho, who has epilepsy and is unable to drive, is a strong supporter of Uber. He says being able to order a ride in a matter of minutes makes a tremendous difference in his and other disabled people's lives. "Of all those things that have changed because of the ADA, the transportation industry has been the slowest to catch on," Coelho said. Discrimination against people with disabilities happens across the transportation sector, he said, and Uber is just one of many that's had issues.

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Post traumatic stress disorder was first classified as a disorder in 1980 in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The DSM was developed by the American Psychiatric Association and is used by mental health professionals in the diagnosis of patients. Post traumatic stress disorder has evolved many times in the periodic revisions of the DSM. The DSM has also revised the definition of trauma in relation to PTSD. In the DSM III, trauma was seen as an event beyond the range of normal that would be distressing for anyone who experienced it. In the DSM IV, trauma is viewed as an event that can cause serious injury, harm or death but not necessarily beyond the range of normal. The DSM IV was revised in 2000 and redefined trauma to include events that cause intense fear, helplessness and horror. The revision also states that exposure to a traumatic event can also cause post traumatic stress disorder. Although much progress has been made in understanding PTSD, it remains uncertain whether there are differences in brain structure or chemistry in people that develop post traumatic stress disorder. While some individuals recover from PTSD, it becomes a lifelong condition for others. Post traumatic stress disorder that lasts longer than three months is considered chronic.

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