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The Clarity Program is a revolutionary application for the Greek Public Sector. All citizens are able to access the public documents, laws and official decisions of government agencies, public institutions and independent public authorities from a single website. The problem is that this website does not have advanced full text searching capabilities. Sphinx was used because it can provide a high performance full text search index of all documents. Ultraclarity is retrieving all content from clarity using their API and performs added value services such as: full text search using sphinx text extraction from pdf documents also using OCR a fast and intuitive interface. The system runs on a single Xeon 4 core server with 8 GB of RAM.

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Use the High Shed Gable Wall setting in addition to Full Gable Walls to create a stand alone shed roof or just the Full Gable Wall setting to create a lean to style shed roof. Use the Upper pitch setting in the Wall Specification to set upper and lower pitch options to create a gambrel style roof. Use the Upper pitch setting in the Wall Specification with the pitches opposite that of a gambrel roof to create a gull wing roof. Appliances and Fixtures can be placed into cabinets or external to cabinets. Learn how to place and position Appliances and Fixtures precisely inside cabinets Custom countertops, backsplashes and material regions are all polyline based objects and basic cad tools can be used on them. Use the Material panel in the Specification or use the Material Painter to apply textures and colors to the objects in your plan. Import the Site plan image and trace over it or use the Input Line tool to input lines according to their quadrant bearing data and lengths. This site collects teaching strategies, technology advice, and relevant policies to help Notre Dame instructors prepare courses that are intentionally designed to be resilient and effective even in the face of likely disruptions. We provide multiple pathways a playbook, workshop series, and self paced online mini course for instructors to access the same evidence based concepts and strategies that are focused on the design and implementation of inclusive, student centered learning experiences. Notre Dame Learning units the Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence and Office of Digital Learning along with OITs Teaching and Learning Technologies team are offering drop in online office hours, group consultations, online workshops for all Notre Dame instructors. Click here to learn more or register.

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