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However, consumers are not the only benefactors of the sharing economy, the insurance industry has developed products and services specifically catered to its unique characteristics, most notably in the ride sharing sector, where insurance providers have taken advantage of liability concerns occurring in such sharing activities Traum, Vol. 14:511. One of the first products developed, the Metronome, came from a collaboration between Uber and MetroMile. The device tracks the vehicle of a Transport Network Company TNC driver, and is embedded in the Uber application Traum, Vol. 14:511. It only turns on and activates the required insurance plan when drivers are engaged in TNC services.

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and Thomas, B. 1994, p. 39. Choice and Demand in Tourism, London: Mansell Publishing Ltd. Kay, P. 2003. Dragonology: The complete book of dragons. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. Dresang, E. T. 1999.

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Be it UX design, UI design, EU law changes, web accessibility, product design, user research, what have you. Ce groupe s'adresse toutes personnes tant intresse rendre le web plus accessible allant du dveloppeur au designer en passant par le product owner. The Portland Accessibility and User Experience PDX A11Y UX Meetup addresses how to incorporate accessibility and universal design principles into project planning, user research, and UX evaluation. OZeWAI is an association of volunteers working to make the information world more inclusive. It was the first such organisation in Australia and has been a leading initiative in the field for more than 20 years. A11y Bytes is a dynamic fast paced evening of lightning talks about digital accessibility and the needs and preferences of users with disabilities, run in multiple cities across Australia. Based in Melbourne, Australia, this group is for web practitioners and other professionals who are interested in web accessibility and inclusive design practices. This Sydney group is for anyone interested in inclusive research, design and development practices. This includes accessible design and development, user research that involves people with disabilities in a holistic, integrated fashion as well as compliance with international standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Accessibility Scotlands focus is on providing a friendly, affordable, and informative day focused on digital accessibility and inclusion. We are the UK's largest accessibility community, a welcoming and friendly group of people focussed on digital products, digital services and the built environment across the public, private and charitable sectors.

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