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She said her friends understood that she had been sexually assaulted. In interviews for this report, Ryan and Alex said that Jackie told them that she had been forced to perform oral on multiple men. In Jackies account to Erdely, Ryan urged her to go to the university womens center or a hospital for treatment. But Alex and Kathryn worried that if she reported a their social lives would be affected. Shes going to be the girl who cried and well never be allowed into any frat party again, Jackie recalled Kathryn saying. Jackie spoke of Ryan sympathetically, but the scene she painted for Rolling Stones writer was unflattering to all three former friends. Journalistic practice and basic fairness require that if a reporter intends to publish derogatory information about anyone, he or she should seek that persons side of the story. Erdely said that while visiting UVA, she did ask Alex Pinkleton, a student and assault survivor, for help in identifying or contacting the three. Pinkleton was not the Alex to whom Jackie referred in her account. But Pinkleton said she would need to ask Jackie for permission to assist the writer. Erdely did not follow up with her.

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Essentially, Facebook proves very useful in term of business communication and socialization created by Facebook continues to expand with over 800 million users subscribes to Facebook. The study reviews the literatures on the GCC states to enhance a greater understanding on the extent the GCC states have taken the advantages of the social media. GCC Gulf Cooperation CouncilGCC Gulf Cooperation Council states comprise of United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, In the IntroductionNowadays, almost everyone who has regular access to the internet has a social media account. Social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are very popular around the world. The sites allow people to sign up for accounts that they can use to socialize with friends and acquaintances online. When the social media sites first emerged, many people hailed them for connecting long lost friends and for enabling individuals to share about their lives.

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