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Outhwaite. Marcie Muir, Australian Children's Book Illustrators, Sun Books, Melbourne, 1977, 78p. Includes biographical information on I. R. Outhwaite, plus some illustrations. Mike Batt, Waves, LP recording 1980.

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Bush's 2002 landmark testing law, known as "No Child Left Behind," exposed stark achievement gaps in many schools, mainly along racial and economic lines, and spurred interventions to help struggling kids. Sandy Kress, a former advisor to Bush on the law, and lobbyist for Pearson, said focusing too much on test scores alone will, in the end, cheat students out of the kind of quality education that sometimes can't be measured by standardized tests. "If it's all back to just grades. a lot of people will have an easy time for about 10 years, but later our kids will suffer dramatically," Kress said. "Should you assess kids every year?Yes," Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said recently. He added he was "more than sympathetic" to growing concerns about over testing in school districts, some of which run standardized tests multiple times each year. Increasingly, standardized tests carry high stakes. Teachers are often evaluated in part by their students' scores, and students may have to pass a standardized test to advance to the next grade in elementary school or earn a high school diploma. To prepare students for those high stakes exams, and to monitor their academic progress more closely, many school districts like Seattle give additional standardized tests throughout the year. That's what the teachers at Seattle's Garfield High School were protesting when they decided in January to boycott the multiple choice Measures of Academic Progress MAP test, saying the computerized exam is not aligned with the state's curriculum and produces "meaningless results" upon which they are indirectly evaluated. The Northwest Evaluation Association, maker of the MAP, said its test adapts to a student aptitude and quickly provides educators with a reliable, fair progress report, though the test version used may not adhere to a specific teacher's syllabus.

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I think that because Ive gotten emails from these people from my newsletters. Theyll be just into surfing traffic exchanges or something and Ill say why dont you get a website and optimize it or write some articles or a blog?Theyll say Oh, I could never do that! It was only a few years ago that I didnt even know how to turn on a PC and now I know my keyword from my mass e mail blaster. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. If your one of those folks whos intimidated by fancy sounding terms like keyword search or PPC, heres what I want you to do; many self motivation coaches recommend creating many smaller goals that lead up to your bigger goals. Many people have big ambitions and goals, but they lack the exact steps to take in getting there. Therefore, you have to start on a smaller scale and start choosing goals that you know you can achieve. Smaller steps that lead you in the direction you want to go. Like in learning, for example, I want you to make a resolution that you will learn one new thing each week. Something to do with your business, or if you dont have one yet, learn about the different ways to make money. Learn about the different ways there are to advertise, and the ways that you can get people to your business without advertising. Learn what they are and if they work.

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Note: To access the content below, an active ServiceLink Portal login session is required. To login to ServiceLink, click the Login link at the top right of the screen. Classroom MaterialsIntroduction to ServiceNow Proposal ManagementThis course guides the user through the Inquiry intake process, how Proposals are created and how to manage Proposals. Introduction to ServiceNow Project ManagementThis course is a follow up to the Intro to Proposal Management module. It builds on what was learned in the first module and guides the users through the project management process in ServiceNow. Reference MaterialsUsing ServiceNow Reports, Pages and DashboardsThis document is intended to get new users up and running on creating Reports, Pages and Dashboards in ServiceNow. ServiceNow Project TasksThis document provides an overview of ServiceNow Projects and how to work with assigned Project Tasks. ServiceNow Sub Project WorkflowThis documents establishes a workflow for the creation of sub projects to minimize duplication of projects in ServiceNow. Clearing Account Locks, Resetting Security Questions and Passwords in MyAccountThis document provides the steps to verify a users identity, unlock their account, reset their security questions and their password using MyAccount. Editing Webpages Using DrupalThis document provides a basic overview on using Drupal to edit existing ITS web pages as well as creating new pages / content. Job Aid / Document Template WordPresentation / Meeting Template PowerPointTraining Session Template PowerPointBest Practices for Video CreationCreating a video for the first time?This guide will help you to understand the planning and recording process for creating videos.

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